Why would you consider a personal Google Account?

When you open a gmail email account, you get access to much more than a personal email address. You also get access to a range of products easily accessible when you click on the wafer after you have signed into your account (see next to sign in in the following image).

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 1.33.54 PM

General affordances include the following:

For collaborative purposes the following affordances are available:

For academic purposes you can consider the following affordances:

The affordances of Google scholar will be discussed in more detail when describing the usage of Mendeley

Efficient browser

To improve the Google experience, you might consider to use:

Google Chrome is also regarded as the best browser when you consider using Mendelay as referencing technology. For more information about Mendeley, go to http://odel.co.za/2016/03/11/mendeley-com/.

Google expands its affordances often, therefore this list might grow as the years pass by.

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