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If you do a lot of note taking, attend multiple meetings, and collaborate with others on projects, OneNote might proof to be an effective tool.┬áThis app can be used almost anywhere: Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Windows, but the Windows version offers more than the Mac version. One of the affordances exclusive to Windows is ‘ink to math’, a tool that converts hand written equations to text.

Tutorials for the following affordances will be designed in due course.

  • How to create multiple, colour-coded notebooks.
  • How to add sections to a notebook
  • How to add pages, with content, to sections
  • How to add screenshots
  • How to add web clips, receipts, images, videos, sketches (touch screen), etc.
  • How to add videos by pasting URL’s
  • How to create, open, share, and print notes (pages).
  • How to convert text in pictures to editable Word or Powerpoint files
  • How to search notes
  • How to integrate smartly with other Office products, such as Word, Excell and Powerpoint
  • How to embed files
  • How to give permission to edit documents
  • How to edit documents in OneNote
  • How to add comments
  • How to get access to notes
  • How to see who have signed into shared files
  • How to be notified on smart watches when notes are added or changed
  • How to use smartphones to shout notes

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