Accessibility of digital games

Not all digital games are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

This barrier cannot be addressed by providing alternative activities since the alternative assignment will be regarded as an inferior way of learning. If you need to design games for students with dissabilities, you can get support from AbleGamers.

AbleGamers can be of great supporthave developed a living document to assist developers in creating and developing tools accessible to all.

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Includification is a website run by AbleGamers. It provides information with regard to games accessible for individuals with mobility, hearing, vision and cognitive disabilities.

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Game-accessibiliy is a source for accessible games.

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Twine provides a free, open source game development tool that allows you to create simple, accessible interactive storytelling games. The tool can be downloaded for Windows and iOs. Tutorials are available and questions can be asked on the collaborative forum. One of the storytelling games is available on the website.

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For more information on accessibility, read ‘Making video games accessible: Business justification and design considerations.’ The following graph was downloaded from this paper in order to show the growth in accessible technology users between 2003 and 2010.

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In South African context, accessibility to digital games can also be hindered due to no or limited access to the Internet.


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