Simple game creation tools

Start by using simple game development tools. The following tools are easy to use and visually appealing. Some of the following tools are WYSIWYG platforms allowing you to click and figure out through logic and not through coding. Others are technologies that can be used to create games.

Sploder is a web-based tool that contains five sub-tools, each dedicated to create a different game type, namely Retro arcade, Platformers. Physics puzzle, Classic shooter and 3D adventure. There is also a graphics editor for creating your own art. Yoy can create various levels, place items throughot the levels and control enemies. If you want to save your games, you will need to create a free account. You can share your game so that others can discover and play with them.

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Gamesalad: It can be used to teach Computer Science students to build games. The drag and drop behavious can make a game come to life. You can load art, effects, music and info in the game. Games are played using one click. The basic version is free of charge and loads easily on Mac and Windows computers.

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GameMaker This studio says that it is really easy to use. They have streamlined the development process and provide all the resources, therefore the sky seems to be the limit. It should also be downloaded to your own computer. You can use the drag-and-drop feature or you can use the built-in scripting language. It is compatible with iOS and Android and executable compatible with Windows. It is more difficult than Sploder. It is supported by community tutorials. Popular games made with this tools is Spelunky and Hotline Miami.

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Stencyl is also for beginners and does not use code. It relates to Scratch and use a lego-like approach. It is most used for puzzles and sprite-based games. Popular games build with Stencyl is Impossible Pixel and Zuki’s Quest. It supports almost all platforms and have to be downloaded.

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Twine is very simple and allows you to create interactive, nonlinear stories. The free version is not powerful, but you can do a lot with it. Popular games created with Twine include A Kiss and Cry$stal Warrort Ke$ha.

Construct2 makes it easy by abstracting some of the concepts outwards. It is designed specifically for 2D games and allows anybody to build games. You just need drag-and-drop entities into a level, then ads events and behaviours to each entity. It is intuitive and absolute beginners will find it a tool to be used to create games. You can export to various platforms, even into Facebook. Tutorials and manuals are available on the website. You can buy more advanced versions of this tool.

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Unity3D is supported by almost all platforms. You can build 2D and 3D games. It can be deplyed to mre platforms with a click. It is intuitive for beginners and games are typically divided into scenes, each scene containing multiple game objects. Each object can have a number of scripts determining behaviour. The assets store is most useful and you can purchase models, animations, scripts, tools, and systems to import in your project. You can buy more advanced versions of this tool. Popular games created via this tool include Alto’s adventure, Gone Home and Firewatch.

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Cocos2D is an open source tool for creating 2D games. You will need to learn programming language, but it is easy to use. Games created with this tool include Badland.

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Unreal development kit is primarily developed for first-person actions, specifically first-person shooters. It can be modified to create other types of games as well. If you want to sell your games, you have to buy the more expensive versions. The tutorials are good.

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Unreal engine is for advanced developers. It provide a complete suite of game development tools and provide everything you need to start, grow and stand out from the crowd. It is new, but Daylight and Tekken 7 have been created on this tool.

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Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create digital versions of board games with moveable pieces on a background image, that is the board. Such a game can be projected so that the whole class can participate, or smaller groups can play using one computer each. See these videos for ideas.

or this one

or this one


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