Office Lens: An app for lecturers

Office Lens is a handy capture app that turns your iPad, tablet, iPhone and other smart phones into a pocket scanner.

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Office Lens is a new camera built into OneNote for iPads, iPhones and android phones.

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Microsoft shared the following video to introduce this app.


Office Lens allows you to capture:

  • photos
  • pictures of whiteboards
  • pictures of printed documents and
  • pictures of business cards.

Office Lens allows you to:

  • trim images
  • make pictures or whiteboards and documents readable
  • convert images to editable Word and Powerpoint files

Office Lens:

  • identifies printed text so that you can search by key word for images in OneNote and OneDrive
  • converts images of documents and whiteboard notes into Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and PDF files for easy editing and reformatting
  • captures business cards and convert them into contact that can be added to your phone
  • inserts images to OneNote and OneDrive (as Docx, pptx, jpg or PDF) and
  • gives the option to save, export and share images.

You can also use Office lens to:

  • save the images as PDF’s
  • email images
  • or save images to your photo library (iOS).

PDF versions can be created to be shared via:

  • Whatsapp
  • Outlook (one image at a time)
  • Message
  • Mail
  • Gmail

PDF versions can be copied to:

  • OneDrive
  • iBooks
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Outlook
  • Mendeley
  • Onenote

PDF versions can also be:

  • Printed
  • Copied (Duplicated)

This FREE app can be downloaded from:

I will create a few tutorials for using this app, and links to them will be added here as soon as they are ready.

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