Chalk & Wire e-portfolios

Chalk & Wire is a web-based e-portfolio system, not hosted on campus, that supports students in creating e-porfolios.

Affordances of Chalk & Wire


The company provided the following examples of e-portfolios created via this system:


Based on these examples, Chalk & Wire provides a system that allows users to create accessible e-portfolios. After graduation, the e-portfolios are not deleted. Graduates can buy access to their e-portfolios.

Institutes for higher education using Chalk & Wire includes:

And many more.


Possible challenges

  • Up to 3000 student accounts, can request more, therefore it is important to request more information
  • I do not have access to this e-portfolio system, therefore I cannot test it to investigate if it can fit the needs of an institution.
  • I do not have access to the administration, reporting or assessment sections of this e-portfolio system. Will need access to write an informed report.



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