Microsoft HoloLens: Are we there yet?

I have been invited to attend the Empower Technical Summit of Microsoft at Gallagher Conference Centre on the 14th of June 2016. One of the new technologies that intrigued me, was Microsoft’s HoloLens.


In this video short presentation, the following uses of the HoloLens have been identified:

  • technologies are all around us
  • if we don’t, our students use it in all aspects of their lives
  • it enables us to do amazing things

But, the presenter identified even more. We can go beyond the screen to blend the digital world with the real world to create augmented realities if we use holograms. That will provide new ways to:

  • visualise our work
  • share ideas with each other
  • play
  • teach
  • learn (I love the example)
  • collaborate
  • explore the worlds we have never visited (walking on Mars)
  • create the things we imagine with a snap of a finger

According to the presenter:

If we can change the way we see the world, we can change the world we see

Therefore, I am adding a few videos to help us to see what have been done so far. In the following video a real person wears a HoloLens and wearable holograms to enter an augmented world where he has to fight holograms able to identify real objects in a real world to create strategies to fight a real person in his real world (Project X Ray).


The features of the HoloLens, its uses and potential uses are discussed in the following video.


I have also found the following video informative.


Windows 10 allows developers to develop new applications, therefore many holograms might soon be available to enrich our mode of delivery. However, the question remains:

Are we there? yet ….?



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