Best dictation software for desktops

Voice dictation allows you to record your ideas hands-free. I was kind of forced to try this out after being teased about typo’s when I am answering a Whatsapp, sms, or email on my phone. The small buttons are so frustrating, yet I have only decided to test voice dictation after somebody told me yesterday that Windows computers are the best, and that he has used Dragon NaturallySpeaking the past ten years. according to him he never have to touch his keyboard, Dragon allows him to control his┬ácomputer hands-free, performing any task from typing Word documents to adding numbers in Excel spread sheets.

Although Dragon seems to be a perfect match, it is most expensive. I have a Mac desk top, Mac Air and a Windows computer. To be able to use Dragon on my devices, I would have to pay a lot of money. I realised that I have heard somewhere that Windows and Mac do offer speech recognition (dictation) functions, therefore, I have decided to do some research.

Esposito (2016) evaluated dozens of dictation apps and tested them for comprehension, accuracy, and ease of use to select the top four dictation tools for desktops (see Table).

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