The Wowroom virtual reality experience

I have attended the first presentation in the wow room of the IE Business School via Live streaming and Twitter Feeds. What an experience! Based on the presentations and my own views, I have identified the following advantages:

a) Lecturers can teach two classes simultaneously

Lecturers can teach two classes simultaneously, one group being present in the wow room and the other being ‘virtually’ present in the same classroom (see screenshot).

b) Conducting an orchestra virtually

The conductor was present in the room, but the members of the orchestra were ‘virtually’ brought to the classroom (See screenshot).


c) Teaching one class virtually

The students attending the class were presented on each screen to allow one-to-one interaction between the lecturer and the students (see screenshot).


d) Using Big Data created during the process to improve teaching and learning

The semi-circular classroom allowed the professor to watch the responses of all students. The staff measure the emotions and gestures of the students via tablets and use the graphs (see screenshot) to check emotions to understand how teaching and learning can be improved (see screenshot).


e) Involve the audience

The audience can be involved due to large display on the screens (See screenshot).


f) Bringing field trips to the classroom

The real world can be brought into the classroom when students cannot be taken onto field trips and they can be allowed to interact with people in their working environments (see screenshot).



g) More than replication of traditional face-to-face teaching

The Wowroom replicates the real world, but can bring much more to the learning situation since every student can be monitored. I believe this technology will change teaching and learning for the better.

h) Intelligent assistant

An intelligent assistant (Amphi) controls the wow room, therefore presenters and lecturers can focus on their tasks since they do not need computers or laptops when they present.

i) Video-recording of this experience

The video was ready to avail on Youtube. Enjoy watching the presentations.

To read more about the wow room, follow this link.



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