Complete Mendeley Course for Researchers and Students

One of the most frustrating things to take care of when you are writing academic papers, is referencing. Some universities prefer as specific referencing style. When you are sending your academic papers to journals, their referencing styles differ. If you forget a comma and use italics or no italics, you will have to recheck all your references before the manuscript will be be published.

I have used Refworks and MS Word’s reference manager until I have been introduced to Mendeley. Since then I do not have to worry about my referencing style. Even if I have to send a paper to a different journal using another referencing style, it takes a few clicks to change the referencing style.

I have developed a Complete Mendeley Course for Researchers and Students consisting of 90+ videos. Each video focus on a specific skill. Due to lifetime access, you can always go back to the course and revisit a skill.

The cost? $20 – with lifetime access to the course. Complete the course in a few hours, receive your certificate for professional development purposes and return whenever you need to revisit a skill.

Hope to see you there.

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