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PebblePad e-portfolio system

PebblePad provides a personal learning space used by learners, teachers and assessors.


With regard to higher education, PebblePad advertises itself as a trusted system used for:

  • personalised feedback
  • advanced assessment
  • versatile
  • external assessors
  • simple licensing
  • lifelong learning learning without limited
  • flexible eportfolios


Features include:

  • interactive workbook
  • customisable templates
  • e-portfolio design tools
  • in-build frameworks
  • activity logs and collections
  • external services

It supports LTI and of the shelf integration with blackboard and Moodle and can connect with existing information systems.

Tools for assessment include:

  • auto-submission
  • reporting and analytics
  • feedback collections
  • flexible permissions
  • grading and archiving
  • collaboration

Tools for tutoring, mentoring and coaching include:

  • milestones & pathways
  • feedback aggregation
  • notifications & alerts
  • grade aggregation
  • templates and workbooks
  • reporting

After graduation, the e-portfolio can be moved to a free personal learning space to support learning without limits:

  • e-portfolio design tools
  • in-built frameworks
  • customisable
  • CV builder
  • secure

Personal accounts are also available at a cost (20 pounds p/a, 45 per three years hosting:

  • framework to support development
  • connect to Dropbox, Google Drive and Onedrive accounts
  • email support
  • secure, personalised learning space
  • create, share and publish¬†portfolios freely
  • storage for uploaded files
  • upgrades when PebblePad upgrades

I will test this system as soon as I got feedback from them, they said they will provide feedback within the next 24-48 hours, so let us see what happens.

According to them they host more than 5.4 million learning assets currently. Case studies of Universities using PebblePad include:



  • Based on the case studies, we need to know if it will be able to support large groups of students.
  • A letter found on the website indicating that various features have been removed between versions (such as badges) and a problem with features that cannot be used in newer versions.