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iWatermark+, an easy application to protect your photos

I was quite frustrated when I realised somebody else have taken my photo and shared it on their Instagram profiles. Maybe because they had more followers and got more likes for my photo. Fact is, I have taken the photo and I felt I needed to protect my creative property. I have waited so long for the clouds to clear, so that I could take a beautiful photo of one of the beautiful buildings in my town.

So, I have searched AppStore and found a few that are useful. And, to be quite honest, if an app says that it is for free, and want to charge me as soon as I have downloaded it, I am getting extremely fustrated. In the process, a few of the options were deleted as soon as they have been downloaded. At the end, I have sticked to iWatermark+.

The logo for the application looks like this:


It costed a few Rands, less than R100 if I remember correctly, but it was totally worthwhile to choose this specific application. You can use it in different ways, I will show you how I am using it.

When you open the application, you are taken to this screen.


Your screen will not have the CvS ’19, that is my watermark, or rather one of the three I have chosen.


You can select any of the others, or all of them if you want to, but be careful, all of them will show on your picture. So choose wisely. As soon as you have chosen one, three blue lines appears next to it. Click there to personalise it.


You can change the font, the size, and f you want to engrave or emboss the watermark. I prefer engrave, the effect is to my liking, but you maybe want to choose emboss or even plain.

As soon as you have done that, you can start watermarking your photos to protect them. so here are the instructions. Click on the picture at the bottom of this screen.


You will see that it shows that I have 3 watermarks ready to be used. You can change it from here if you want to.On the following screen you decide if you want to watermark one or many photos.


You can even import a file. I have not yet used more than one, I always select one photo at a time.


You can then select the photo from your photos on your phone.


You can click on the watermark and move it to your liking, I normally place it where somebody who wants to use my photo will have some difficulty in using it without damaging the photo’s quality. When you are happy, click at the bottom of the screen the share button (second from right). You will be taken to this screen.


Decide how you want to share it. You can share it immediately (green icons). Or you can save and print it (black icons). I choose save image to save the watermarked one on my phone. It does not replace the original photo. I know, that was my concern as well. Here is the one I have created for this tutorial.


So, if you would love to share your photos, but you want to protect them as well, I recommend at this stage this application. A once off payment worth wile spent.

Please feel free to leave comments. Or to share how you have used this application. If you use others, you may share that as well. We need to learn from one another. I just love this app since I can customize it on the photo before I save it to be posted. some of the other apps need a lot of work if you change your mind …