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Gamifying in ODeL settings

Literature shows that digital games used in educational settings can engage students, improve learning outcomes and be powerful tools to support learning.



Although adoption in higher education is slow, there are lecturers who gamify their courses by incorporating existing games or developing custom ones.

Based on the blog post ‘12 tips for gamifying a course‘ shared by Leila Meyer, the following tips were identified as useful in open and distance e-learning higher education settings.

  1. Define goals and objectives
  2. Start small and develop iteratively
  3. Network with other educators
  4. Use simple game creation tools
  5. Get students to develop games
  6. Take advantage of existing games
  7. Use games created for remedial education courses
  8. Make it fun
  9. Don’t forget about the theories that are involved in teaching
  10. Collect data
  11. Consider accessibility
  12. Play games.

The tips will be explained in more detail during the course of this year. Those with links, have been expanded already.

If you are gamifying your course/s, please share tips not included in this list.